We specialize in the handcrafted production of shrubs, also known as drinking vinegars. Our shrubs are drink mixers that help you craft intensely complex, delicious, zing-filled cocktails and sodas without any muddling or infusing!

We use just three simple, all-natural ingredients in every batch: apple cider vinegar (always!), real fruit and 100% cane sugar. That's it! No additives, preservatives or anything from concentrate. We take our time, too....every batch of our shrubs take three days to craft!

The Twisted Shrub will make all your drinks ZING! For cocktails, simply add equal parts shrub + spirit + sparkling water and you just became a 'bartending hero' at home in seconds. For non-alcoholic sodas with 80% less sugar than a pop, simply add 3-4 parts sparkling water to 1 part shrub for a tart, refreshing, better-for-you quencher!