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Apple Cider Vinegar is good for you! Trouble is, it just doesn’t taste very good. The Twisted Shrub solves that problem!

We handcraft apple cider vinegar drink mixers that help you craft delicious sodas and cocktails….in just seconds!

It’s almost too easy:

  1. For low-sugar sparkling drinks & sodas, mix 1 oz. shrub to 3-5 oz. sparkling water or club soda

  2. For delicious, zing-filled cocktails, mix 1 oz. shrub, 1 oz. spirit and 2-3 oz. of your favorite mixer like club soda or ginger ale

Better-for-you sodas and cocktails have never been so easy….and delicious!


Got a minute? This video tells you all about The Twisted Shrub and the amazing Apple Cider Vinegar drinks you can craft at home!