Peach Habanero 8oz

Peach Habanero 8oz


Our Peach Habanero shrub combines apple cider vinegar and 100% cane sugar with sweet, ripe yellow peaches and fiery habanero peppers to create the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

Peach Habanero pairs exceptionally well with your favorite bourbon or whiskey. Craft a "Frisky Sour" by adding equal parts shrub and whisky....our all-time favorite cocktail. Check out the Cocktails section for the details.

For healthier, better-for-you sodas, simply add 3-4 parts shrub to 1 part sparkling water for a refreshingly spicy, low-sugar sparkler!

Each glass bottle is 8oz and makes ~8 drinks. 

Shipping Costs: 

  • $5 flat rate for as many bottles as you would like to anywhere in the continental U.S.

  • FREE SHIPPING to all Twin Cities area residents!

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