Cranberry Clementine 8oz

Cranberry Clementine 8oz


Our Cranberry Clementine shrub combines apple cider vinegar and 100% cane sugar with fully ripened, juicy red cranberries and Florida-grown clementine oranges to create deliciously tart drinking vinegar. We take our time, too....every batch of The Twisted Shrub takes three days to craft by hand. If you're looking for a super tart shrub, this one is for you!

For cocktails, add equal parts Cranberry Clementine shrub and club soda to vodka for an amazing summertime sipper. Or, for a modern take on a mimosa, simply add a splash of shrub to your glass of prosecco or champagne. If you’re looking for a tangy, sour beer combo, add a shot of this shrub to a pint of your favorite lager…’ll love it! 

For healthier, better-for-you sodas, simply add 3-4 parts shrub to 1 part sparkling water for a refreshing, low-sugar sparkler!

Each glass bottle is 8oz and makes ~8 drinks. 

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  • $5 flat rate for as many bottles as you would like to anywhere in the continental U.S.

  • FREE SHIPPING to all Twin Cities area residents!

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